Bradford Dome Ball League


Posted Mon Oct 30, 2017 - 08:34 PM

Hello people!
The updated schedule is up. We are using a new website that's a bit more usable and modifiable than the normal RZL page. We will see how this goes.
The first 7 games are up for all the teams. Please go there and ensure everything is alright according to whatever special requests there were. I would like the captain of every team to post here that they saw the schedule.
I will post a thread for every week where all teams (coed, ladies, mens) will post their scores and I will update them as I get them.
Nobody is playing the weekend of 23/24 December due to holidays. 6/7 January is a tournament weekend. Regular season games will resume on January 13.
Coed is playing 30 December. The ladies/mens games will be made up.

2017-2018 Tournament Dates

Posted Wed Sep 13, 2017 - 09:58 AM

Bradford Domeball Tournament Dates 2017-2018 Season

Pre Season Classic October 28th Saturday Coed 8 Teams
Open,Intermediate, Rec 1pm-9pm

Jan 6th and 7th Holiday Grand Slam
Coed on Sat 16 Teams
Sun Mens and Ladies 8 teams per division

Feb 17th 18th 19th Family Day Weekend
Coed 16 teams Men's 8 teams ladies 8 teams
Open,Intermediate, Rec

March 9th 10th 11th Spring Break Classic
Coed 16 teams Men's 8 teams ladies 8 teams
Open,Intermediate, Rec

March 30th Good Friday 12 Coed Teams

All tournaments are during the day!

$525 Entry and all Coed tournaments are 7 males 3 females

2017-2018 Registration Open!

Posted Tue Aug 01, 2017 - 11:50 AM

The 2017-2018 Bradford Domeball Season is just around the corner, with a record 42 teams last season we look to max out with teams for the upcoming season.

Coed will once again be Saturdays game times will be early 12-7 for the first half of the season and then switch to 3-10 for the second half of the season. Max 24 Coed teams

Mens and Ladies Sundays 3-8pm Max 12 Ladies and 8 Men's teams.

COST:$1900+Umps if paid in full by Sept 5th after Sept 5th $1975+Umps

First 16 teams Registered and paid in full will be entered in a draw for a Free tournament registration.

to Register please email

coed/ladies finals

Posted Tue Apr 18, 2017 - 02:58 PM

Señores y señoritas
This is what's happening April 22nd.
Ladies Finals is at 3pm. If you won your semi-finals today, you play on diamond 1. If you lost, you play on diamond 2 for 3rd place. If you are Tracy Park, you sit on the bench... :P
I wrote that just for the joke.
3pm Diamond 1: Tits Up (home) vs Pink Sox
3pm Diamond 2: Lady Bruins (home) vs. NT Belles
Coed 1->4
3:50 Diamond 1
Fockers (home) vs. Lights Out
3:50 Diamond 2
Vampires (home) vs. Wildbunch
4:40 Diamond 1 Championship game (higher seed gets home)
4:40 Diamond 2 3rd place game (higher seed gets home)
Coed 5->8
5:30 Diamond 1
Jack City (home) vs. The Rookies
5:30 Diamond 2
Dirty Boys and Girls (home because of head-to-head) vs. Remax
6:20 Diamond 1
Winners of the above (higher seed gets home)
6:20 Diamond 2
Losers of the above (higher seed gets home)
Those are with what I saw the standings, head to head, or run differential. If I made a mistake, please let me know, but that should not affect the time you play, only who is home or who you play.

Banquet March 31st 2017

Posted Mon Feb 13, 2017 - 02:19 PM

2017 Dome Ball League Banquet will take place Friday March 31 st at the Holland Landing Community Centre York Room on the main floor.

This year cost will be $15 per person if paid before March 5th and after March 1st it will go up to $20 per person.

Dinner will be included and we also will have a comedy show during dinner.

All teams will receive MVP prizes
Coed Male and Female
Mens Team MVP
Ladies Team MVP

Captains Please email for your selections to be presented at the banquet.

Division Champion and Runner Up Awards will be presented by NSA Canada

Teams with 8 or more players will be entered into a draw for $300 off next seasons entry fee
This year will offer 2 winners!
Bat Draw

Dinner 8pm
Awards 9:30
Party till 1am

Tickets will be available in the dome office thru-out the playoffs

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