Bradford Dome Ball League

2018-2019 Season

Posted Tue Jul 17, 2018 - 04:03 PM

I truly hope everyone is enjoying the awesome weather and having a great outdoor season.

While enjoying cold beers and outdoor ball don't forget to start making plans for the 7th season of the Bradford Domeball League.

2018-2019 Season will begin on Saturday November 3rd and will go for 16 weeks with playoffs being the first 2 weeks in March.

Saturdays Coed will once again offer 24 team spots split into 3 seperate divisions

Sundays we will be offering a Woman's Division max 8 teams Men's Division max 4 teams and New for this year is a Sunday Coed Division with a Max of 8 Coed Teams.

Cost for this year will be $1960

To Register and reserve your team spot please email

Thank You and looking forward to another great season.


Posted Mon Oct 30, 2017 - 08:34 PM

Hello people!
The updated schedule is up. We are using a new website that's a bit more usable and modifiable than the normal RZL page. We will see how this goes.
The first 7 games are up for all the teams. Please go there and ensure everything is alright according to whatever special requests there were. I would like the captain of every team to post here that they saw the schedule.
I will post a thread for every week where all teams (coed, ladies, mens) will post their scores and I will update them as I get them.
Nobody is playing the weekend of 23/24 December due to holidays. 6/7 January is a tournament weekend. Regular season games will resume on January 13.
Coed is playing 30 December. The ladies/mens games will be made up.

2017-2018 Tournament Dates

Posted Wed Sep 13, 2017 - 09:58 AM

Bradford Domeball Tournament Dates 2017-2018 Season

Pre Season Classic October 28th Saturday Coed 8 Teams
Open,Intermediate, Rec 1pm-9pm

Jan 6th and 7th Holiday Grand Slam
Coed on Sat 16 Teams
Sun Mens and Ladies 8 teams per division

Feb 17th 18th 19th Family Day Weekend
Coed 16 teams Men's 8 teams ladies 8 teams
Open,Intermediate, Rec

March 9th 10th 11th Spring Break Classic
Coed 16 teams Men's 8 teams ladies 8 teams
Open,Intermediate, Rec

March 30th Good Friday 12 Coed Teams

All tournaments are during the day!

$525 Entry and all Coed tournaments are 7 males 3 females

2017-2018 Registration Open!

Posted Tue Aug 01, 2017 - 11:50 AM

The 2017-2018 Bradford Domeball Season is just around the corner, with a record 42 teams last season we look to max out with teams for the upcoming season.

Coed will once again be Saturdays game times will be early 12-7 for the first half of the season and then switch to 3-10 for the second half of the season. Max 24 Coed teams

Mens and Ladies Sundays 3-8pm Max 12 Ladies and 8 Men's teams.

COST:$1900+Umps if paid in full by Sept 5th after Sept 5th $1975+Umps

First 16 teams Registered and paid in full will be entered in a draw for a Free tournament registration.

to Register please email

coed/ladies finals

Posted Tue Apr 18, 2017 - 02:58 PM

Señores y señoritas
This is what's happening April 22nd.
Ladies Finals is at 3pm. If you won your semi-finals today, you play on diamond 1. If you lost, you play on diamond 2 for 3rd place. If you are Tracy Park, you sit on the bench... :P
I wrote that just for the joke.
3pm Diamond 1: Tits Up (home) vs Pink Sox
3pm Diamond 2: Lady Bruins (home) vs. NT Belles
Coed 1->4
3:50 Diamond 1
Fockers (home) vs. Lights Out
3:50 Diamond 2
Vampires (home) vs. Wildbunch
4:40 Diamond 1 Championship game (higher seed gets home)
4:40 Diamond 2 3rd place game (higher seed gets home)
Coed 5->8
5:30 Diamond 1
Jack City (home) vs. The Rookies
5:30 Diamond 2
Dirty Boys and Girls (home because of head-to-head) vs. Remax
6:20 Diamond 1
Winners of the above (higher seed gets home)
6:20 Diamond 2
Losers of the above (higher seed gets home)
Those are with what I saw the standings, head to head, or run differential. If I made a mistake, please let me know, but that should not affect the time you play, only who is home or who you play.

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