News for Bradford Dome Ball League

Tournament Schedule

Posted Tue Sep 20, 2016 - 01:02 PM

here is a list for all upcoming dome tournaments this season.

October 29th Saturday Coed 16 Teams Open,Intermediate, Rec

December 26th Boxing Day Monday Coed 16 teams Open,Intermediate, Rec

Feb 18th 19th 20th Family Day Weekend
Coed 16 teams Men's 8 teams ladies 8 teams
Open,Intermediate, Rec

March 11th 12th Spring Break
Coed 16 teams Mens 8 teams ladies 8 teams
Open,Intermediate, Rec

April 14th Good Friday 16 Coed Teams
Open,Intermediate, Rec
All tournaments will remain 7 and 3 format and cost will be $520 per event.
To register please email

2016-2017 Season

Posted Tue Aug 09, 2016 - 12:44 PM

The Bradford Domeball League is now accepting Registrations for the 5th year Anniversary Season.

Coed Saturday Division will begin Saturday Nov 5th (Max 28 teams)

November and Dec games will be played between 12pm and 7pm

January,February and March 2-9pm

Sunday Mens and Ladies will begin Nov 6th and Games will be played between 5pm and 9pm (Max 8 Ladies and 8 Mens)

To Register please email

No Games Dec 24th Dec 25th Dec 31st Jan 1st Feb 10th Weekend Mar 11th Weekend.

16 Weeks of Games with League Finals March 25th

Spring Playoffs

Posted Sun Apr 17, 2016 - 07:27 AM

A Division HTS vs Fauckers D2 3:00pm
A Division Last Rounders vs Lights Out D1 3:00pm
Winners will play Championship at 4:40pm

B Division Reckless Endangerment vs Arcray 3:50pm D1
B Division Dirty Boys and Girls vs Wildbunch 3:50pm D2
Winners play 4:40pm in Championship

Playoff Results

Posted Mon Mar 07, 2016 - 01:34 AM

The 4th year of the Bradford Domeball League is now in the books. With such a big jump in teams this year it was our mandate to ensure teams had the chance to play against teams of their caliber. After a couple of division realignments the formula was there and it meant for many tight scoring domeball games, especially in the playoffs.

Here are this years results:
Division 1 Champions Hold The Applause Runner Up Gems
Division 2A Champions HTS Runner Up Reckless Endangerment
Division 2B Champions Knotty Stixx Runner Up Who Wants Some
Division 3A Champions Fockers Runner Up Dodgers
Division 3B Champions Fighting Chickens Runner Up All About The Base
Division 3C Champions Free Agents Runner Up Wildthingz

Division 3C Free Agents

Mens Job Squad Runner Up No Glove No Love
Ladies A-Peaches Runner Up Lady Bruins
Ladies B-Diamond Divas Runner Up Trolls Treasures.

Captains please be reminded that selection for team MVP's is needed to be emailed to by March 22nd

League awards banquet is Friday April 22nd at the portuguese cultural centre in Bradford.

Tickets are $15 dollars and can be purchased at the dome or by contacting Ryan.

Congratulations and see everyone at the year end banquet.

Championship Weekend

Posted Thu Mar 03, 2016 - 09:24 AM

March 5th
Division 1
Gems vs HTA D1 3pm

Division 2 A
HTS VS Reckless Endangerment D2 3PM

Division 2B
Who Wants Some vs Knotty Stixx D1 4pm

Division 3A
Dodgers vs Fauckers D2 4pm

Division 3B
Fighting Chickens vs All About The Base 5pm D1

Division 3c
Wildthingz vs Free Agents 5pm D2

Division 2 Consolation
Lights out vs Dirty Stick Stinky Mitts D1 6pm

March 6th

Mens Job Squad vs No Glove No Love 5pm D1
Ladies Lady Bruins vs Peaches 5pm D2

Ladies Stanley Crew vs Slammin 6pm D1
Ladies Beeton Ladies vs Angels 6pm D2

Banquet tickets can be purchased in the office for $15

Good Luck to all teams!

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